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Are you looking to a more affordable paving solution to asphalt? If so, we can help. At Lynchburg Paving, we specialize in a wide variety of commercial and residential paving solutions that are cost-friendly. One of those services is tar and chip paving. Our high-quality tar and chip solutions make it easier to enjoy an attractive and polished parking lot, driveway, or even roadway. We have worked with many commercial businesses as well as individuals to create a better result for your clients. Tar and chip are also known as chip sealing, and we are proud to deliver this service to any client in the area. If you are ready to receive a free estimate for your property, give us a call today.  

Tar and Chip Paving Contractors in Lynchburg VA  

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Saving money on paving might seem like a bad idea, but if you choose the right solution you can enjoy long-term results that work. Our commercial and residential property owners know the power of more cost-friendly solutions, and we are always happy to provide them with the recommendations and support they need to strengthen their property.  

Tar and chip is a complex mix of hot liquid asphalt cement and liquid hot tar. Once this process is finished, we then add a gravel mix to the top to bind the ingredients together. We even let you pick out the gravel and rock finish you like to add to the top of the mixture. This creates a durable and great looking roadway that improves the quality of your property.  

At Lynchburg Paving, we know how critical it is to protect your property while getting the most out of your investment. This paving option gives you both. Once the ingredients for your tar and chip are brought to your property we waste no time in putting it all together. During the installation process, we listen to your concerns and take care to clean up after the job is done. We leave no trace behind besides your brand new, beautiful roadway, driveway, or even parking lot.  

Focusing on quality over any other service is what we are proud of, and when you hire our tar and chip paving company to handle this task you won’t be disappointed. For durability and quality that looks great, you can confidently choose us to be your paving company in Lynchburg VA.  

Benefits of Choosing Tar and Chip Paving  

Not sure if tar and chip is the right solution for you? Well, there are a few benefits to consider before you completely write it off.  

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First, chip sealing, as it is also known, is an ideal fit for residential and commercial paving needs. For roadways, tar and chip provide a low maintenance solution that also looks great. It binds well to nearly any surface, and it creates a long-term result that you won’t have to fuss with.  

Additionally, tar and chip is an attractive solution for any surface. It is durable and can withstand just about any amount of traffic you throw at it, which is why we often recommend it for parking lots. It also creates a foundation for superior traction that you can count on if the weather gets bad. It is virtually immune to oxidation and weather, unlike asphalt. 

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